When you hear the word “orthodontics” who comes to mind? If you said junior high or high school students, you may be surprised to learn that adults of every age are looking to orthodontics to improve their smiles. Our orthodontists will be happy to tell you that you are never to old to improve the alignment of your teeth. In fact, people are opting to improve their smiles, even into their eighties.

While there are some things that will affect how we address your treatment at Elite Orthodontics, we still offer a range of procedures that will enhance your appearance and allow you to feel more confident in social or professional settings. Many of our adult patients have had great success with traditional braces, while others have decided opted for more discreet treatments such as clear braces, Damon braces or our own clear aligner system. Besides the aesthetic appeal orthodontics provide a number of dental health benefits and Dr. Nathan Davis will be happy to tell you more when you visit our offices. If you would like to learn more about adult orthodontics in Buckeye, Arizona, call one of our conveniently located offices. One of our team members will be happy to help you schedule your free initial consultation.