When it comes to orthodontics, accuracy is key. In order to ensure that your dental work fits you well and does the job it is intended to do, our orthodontists use digital impressions to create a model of your teeth to help create retainers, clear aligners and other dental work. If you have had dental impressions in the past, you probably remember the messy and uncomfortable dental paste, which also had a horrible taste. Dr. Nathan Davis will use our digital X-ray machine to create a 3D image of your smile and then print a model of your dentition. This model will be used in the design of our dental work to make certain that your retainer or aligner fits you perfectly to create a high level of comfort and produce great results. Our orthodontists have a perfect model of your smile and you get to bypass the trays and sitting in the chair with a mouthful of paste, waiting for your dental impressions to set.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment and would like to experience the ease, comfort and effective treatment our 3D printer in Buckeye, Arizona, offers, call Elite Orthodontics today. One of our team members will be happy to help you schedule your initial appointment.