When it comes to improving your smile, Dr. Nathan Davis and our team are ready to use the latest in orthodontic technology to custom create a treatment plan designed to enhance your appearance and maintain good oral health. If you are ready to take the first step with your initial consultation with our orthodontists, call our offices today. At Elite Orthodontics, we offer the following orthodontic services in Buckeye, Arizona:

We are the only orthodontic specialists in the Buckeye area. We make use a variety of treatments to improve problems such as underbites, overbites and cross bites. We can also realign teeth that are crowded, improperly spaced or are even just slightly out of alignment. While you might usually think of orthodontics in terms of the cosmetic benefits, the truth is that problems with the alignment of your bite can make it difficult for you to eat or speak properly and can result in damage to your teeth over time. While this damage can include cracks or chips, alignment issues can also lead to increased chances of cavities and even gum disease. If your dentist has suggested that it is time for you or a member of your family to seek orthodontic treatment, of even if you have noticed a problem yourself, please contact us today. Our orthodontists will also be happy to see your children for orthodontic screenings.