One of the best ways to realign a smile is through the use of traditional braces. While people of all ages are now using braces to improve their looks and their bites, braces are especially effective for children who may not be good candidates for clear aligner systems. Dr. Nathan Davis will be happy to see you at Elite Orthodontics for your free initial consultation to see if braces in Buckeye, Arizona, would be a good fit for you or your child.

Braces is a term that refers to a system of wires, brackets and bands that slowly and gently move your teeth and the ligaments in your jaw into their proper alignments. This is done through periodic adjustments to the wire. Braces can help with overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites. Orthodontics can certainly approve your appearances and provide a boost to your self-confidence; but they also improve your oral health and decrease your chances for dental damage. Correcting the alignment of your teeth will also help you to speak more clearly and to more easily chew your food.

Very often, it is your dentist who will suggest that you consider orthodontics or that it is time for your child to have an orthodontic screening. However, if you are concerned about your alignment, no matter you age, call our offices today and a member of our team will help you plan your visit with our orthodontists.