Many adults and teens may put off getting braces because of their appearance. After all, the metal can be a distraction if you are at the office, on a date, or with friends or family. Many people may want to maintain a professional appearance at work or just feel uncomfortable with the look of metal braces.
At Elite Orthodontics, our orthodontists and team provide clear braces in Buckeye, Arizona, as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Often, they are made of ceramic and blend in with your smile and while not completely invisible, are much less noticeable.

If you need to improve the alignment of your smile, don’t avoid getting orthodontic work done because you are worried about appearances. Talk to Dr. Nathan Davis about clear braces and other options for treatment. Straightening your smile can improve your appearance and enhance your self-esteem; and it can also preserve the health of your teeth, prevent cavities and gum disease, and allow you to speak and eat properly. Clear braces allow you to do all of those things and only you and our orthodontists need to know.

If you would like to make an appointment at Elite Orthodontics to learn more about clear braces for yourself or your child call our offices today.